Treatment for Trauma, PTSD, and Dissociative Disorders

At North Country Behavioral Medicine we have several clinicians trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy.

EMDR therapy is an evidence-based, highly effective psychotherapy method proven to resolve unprocessed traumatic memories in the brain.  EMDR is widely considered one of the best treatments for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

EMDR therapy can help children and adults of all ages. Therapists use EMDR therapy to address a wide range of challenges:

• Anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias
• Chronic Illness and medical issues
• Depression and bipolar disorders
• Dissociative disorders
• Eating disorders
• Grief and loss
• Pain
• Performance anxiety
• Personality disorders
• PTSD and other trauma and stress-related issues
• Poor self esteem
• Sexual assault
• Sleep disturbance
• Substance abuse and addiction
• Violence and abuse

A typical EMDR therapy session lasts from 45-60 minutes. EMDR therapy may be used within a standard talk-therapy session, as an adjunctive therapy with a separate therapist, or as a treatment all by itself. For many clients, EMDR therapy can be completed in fewer sessions than other psychotherapies.
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Additional trauma-informed psychotherapies:

In addition to EMDR, our therapists are also trained in other modalities utilized in treating trauma, PTSD, and dissociative disorders. These therapies include Trauma-Focused CBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), EFT/Tapping, and somatic psychotherapy approaches.

At NCBM we recognize that a “bottom-up” approach to trauma treatment (incorporating physical-body work, emotional work, brain-based work, and cognitive work) is imperative. This includes psychotherapy with a licensed mental health clinician in conjunction with medication management with a psychiatric medical provider.