At North Country Behavioral Medicine we provide a wide range of services.  The best way to have specific questions is to reach out to our administrative staff at (518) 825-1555.  We also have answers to some common questions below.

What is your medication refill policy?

If you require a refill of medication we require 3 business days (72 hours) notice.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 1 full business day's notice (24 hours) for any cancellation.  For appointments on a Monday, we need to be informed of any changes by 5 pm the Thursday before.

Is there a charge for late cancellations or no-show appointments?

If you have private insurance or Medicare (i.e. not Medicaid) you will be charged $50 for a missed follow up and $100 for a missed initial assessment that is cancelled late or you do not show up for.

In the case of Medicaid, including managed Medicaid plans, we have a separate policy which patients sign.  We do not charge this group of patients any fees.  However, if too many appointments are cancelled late or are no shows, you will be moved to same day appointments or your file will be closed.

Please note, if a patient with Medicaid is a No-Show or Late Cancels their initial appointment it is our policy to close their file with our clinic.

Can you recommend any other online or in person resources and/or sources of support?

Yes absolutely!  Here are a list of other Mental Health Clinics & Resources

Below are some links to obtain General Information

What can I do in a crisis?

For any life-threatening emergencies you should call 911 without delay.  You could also go to the emergency department of your local hospital.
If you are in crisis (not life threatening) call the North Country Crisis Helpline at 1-866-577-3836 (1-866-5PREVENT) TTY: 1-877-829-1278
They have a Mobile Crisis Team which works closely with families, adults, children and adolescents who are experiencing a crisis or simply need to talk. They are community-based and able to travel to the person(s) in need. This may be a home, school, hospital or a mutually agreed upon location.
Their Mobile Crisis Team operates locally Monday- Friday from 8:30am-7:30pm.  All calls received after hours will be answered by on-call services.

Does your clinic offer after hours coverage?

For established patients only if you have an important need after hours you can contact our Psych Coverage at (800) 544-6444.  Again, we recommend any life-threatening emergencies be handled by calling 911 or going to the closest emergency department.